Owners of franchises McDonald’s talking about “the last days” of the network

Moscow. October 19. Respondents are owners of franchise restaurants, “McDonald’s” said that currently their restaurants is in a deep state of depression and for the network come the “last days”. This was reported on Monday the British newspaper the Independent, citing research analyst Japanese financial holding Nomura Mark Kalinowski (Kalinowski Mark).

As follows from the performed surveys, about 30% of network owners in the US are insolvent.

The visitors of the restaurants suffer from the fact that workers do not have time to prepare their order, the equipment constantly freezes, and the menu is overly extensive, say operators.

According to more than 12 of the interviewed restaurant owners, the culprit of this situation is the new CEO of the company, Briton Steve Easterbrook (Steve Easterbrook), “sowed the seeds of decline” for its innovations that dissatisfied operators who are accustomed to traditional methods of cooking fast food.

According to operators of restaurants, network executives rushing from one failed strategy to another, which causes General uncertainty.

However, as noted by one of the owners of the franchises, the response to such reaction of the restaurant owners from the management of “McDonald’s” was “to get out of the system” and to go out of business.

The innovations proposed by the new leadership include, in particular, the introduction of stands of electronic ordering, the ability for consumers to choose components of burgers, as well as appearing on the daytime menu, network products, previously presented only for Breakfast in a dedicated morning time. In addition, McDonald’s has tightened requirements for preparing burgers, which now requires more time.

As noted by the official representative of the American edition of Business Insider, “McDonald’s” received only positive comments regarding the introduction of new initiatives, though both from users and from the owners of franchises, and the initiative of introducing a Breakfast menu in the daytime menu was the main request of the Internet users.

In the investigation of Kalinowski was attended by 29 of the franchise network, which includes 229 restaurants from more than 14 thousand restaurants “McDonald’s” in America.