Putin asked FAS to submit proposals to restrict fishing by foreigners

NOVO-Ogaryovo, October 19. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin proposed the Federal Antimonopoly service to submit suggestions to limit the fishing of fisheries resources by foreigners.

During the meeting of the Presidium of the state Council, the head of FAS Igor Artemiev proposed to introduce such restrictions. “Of course we are asking our security forces and customs officials should find these agreements on the basis of which foreigners continue to catch and mercilessly immediately be deprived of the quota immediately, and, in court, under the Commission,” said Artemyev.

“Igor Yuryevich, I ask you to articulate what you just said for instructions to all departments concerned,” said Putin.

To understand where the accumulated profit in the supply chain of fish shops

Vladimir Putin also instructed the head of the FAS to understand where in the supply chain of fish products to the stores accumulated profits.

“Let it (the question about the accumulation of profit) Igor Yurievich (artemevu) together with colleagues to review, and report after a certain time”, – said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at session of Presidium of the state Council.

So he responded to the words of his assistant Andrei Belousov. Belousov gave some figures illustrating the increase in prices in all phases of product delivery: the cost of fish production is 52 rubles per kg, the transportation costs when shipping from the Far East is about 11 rubles per kg, the cost of imported fish is 124 rubles per kg and the retail price is 176 $ per kg. “from these figures, first, that, no matter how we treated freight rates, not the price they do in retail, because they make up less than 10% the final retail prices, said the Deputy President. – Secondly, the proportion is only one third of the final retail price… That price these miracles mean that somewhere in the chain, in logistics we have concentrated a lot of money: the difference between 176 rubles and 52 plus 11 (rubles)”.