Putin outraged that other States can profit by using the biological resources of the Russian Federation

NOVO-Ogaryovo, October 19. Russian President Vladimir Putin is shocked that other States get more profit, new jobs, and using domestic resources.

“Neither our country nor its citizens are absolutely not satisfied when the range and the price of fish on the domestic market are determined by foreign suppliers and retailers, when in the fishing industry has bred a different kind of investor who use our bioresources”, – said the head of state at the meeting of the Presidium of the state Council.

“The main volume of fish caught (in Russia) are exported in ice cream form, with low degree of processing, thus, other States are getting not only the best fish, but also opportunities to create new jobs, to develop its economy, of processing industries, where added value is”, – Putin said.

The President noted that “nearly 70% of the revenues of fishing enterprises based on the export of raw materials”.

The government

Vladimir Putin instructed the government to take urgent measures for improvements in fish complex. “Our goal is to carefully analyze all problems, to carefully consider proposals from the business community and concerned agencies, and regions, which have their own geographical and climatic features of the catch and marketing of fish,” said the head of state at the meeting of the Presidium of the state Council.

According to Putin, it is necessary to “identify measures that will contribute to filling the Russian market with high quality and affordable domestic fish products”.

The President stressed that “on the Russian counters is still dominated by imported and quite expensive item is not always of good quality, if not of artificial origin”.

Putin recalled that in 2007 the problems of the fishing industry were discussed at a state Council meeting, when arrangements were made that “in General had a positive impact on the development of Affairs in the industry, allowed fishing companies to operate sustainably and to make a considerable income”. “Three quarters of the domestic marine fisheries is based on the Russian bio-resources, in General, the volume of production Russia keeps in the last years of the fifth-sixth place in the world”, – stated the head of state.

According to the President, the reasons for the predominance of imported products in Russian shops a lot. For example, he cited one of them: “the Clearance of the ship with their catch in foreign ports are a few hours, and in Russian – during the day”.

“The government needs to analyze this situation, to take urgent additional measures,” Mr Putin said.

The decision on granting of quotas on catch of fish in exchange for the investment is long overdue

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin believes that a decision on the granting of quotas to a catch of fish in exchange for investments is long overdue. “This decision (on the granting of quotas to a catch of fish in exchange for investments) is long overdue, he said at a meeting of the Presidium of the state Council. – And emphasize that quotas in exchange for investments will be to work on the development of related industries, the abundance of fish in the internal market, but also to the interests of the fishermen, and eventually these investments will affect the development of their production.”

The President acknowledged that the business owners will be more likely to invest under the condition of guarantees of return of investments. According to Putin, the relevant proposals have been prepared by the working group of the state Council, they will be discussed at today’s meeting.

The President stated that the wear and tear of vessels used in fisheries, “approaching the critical 90%”. It’s not just inefficient, but also unsafe for fishermen, he said. Putin recalled that a few years ago when the principle of distribution of quotas assumed that it will stimulate investment in the industry. “These hopes were not justified”, – said the President.

Speaking about how to get out of the situation, the head of state noted that projects related to the chartering of foreign vessels and foreign investors are able to keep on paper. “It is clear that we must choose to build their modern high-tech trawlers. A number of major fishing companies have already expressed willingness to join this task, said the head of state. Russian shipyards expect orders from the fishermen”.

The working group of the state Council in turn proposes to increase the period of consolidation of quotas on the catch of fisheries resources from the current 10 years to 15 years, said the Governor of the Sakhalin region Oleg Kozhemyako on the state Council Presidium meeting.

“We propose to increase the period of consolidation of quota shares for catch of marine resources up to 15 years,” said Kozhemyako.

He noted that the working group also proposes to allocate up to 20% of quotas for fishing and extraction of aquatic biological resources for investment to procure new vessels built at domestic shipyards, and also for the construction of processing fish products.

Putin urged the fishermen to invest in fishing port infrastructure

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin urged the fishermen to invest in fishing and port infrastructure. “All these problems need to be solved and this is the task not only of state but of fishermen who are already standing firmly on his feet, accumulated capital and it is able to invest a portion of their funds obtained from the development of catch quotas of fish, upgrading coastal infrastructure and processing facilities, as well as in the construction of the new Navy,” – said the head of state.

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In his opinion, “the tasks that the state should decide when the use of their biological resources with the state are not removed as tasks”. “We need a modern coastal infrastructure, processing facilities and efficient logistics and high-tech fishing fleet,” he said. According to him, today Russia is behind in all of these positions from competitors.

So the level of coastal fisheries over the last five years has decreased on 10%. Processing plants, warehouses, wholesale distribution centers, transportation logistics have been developing very slowly. “Exports last year supplied 87% of frozen fish and fillet and finished products 7%, – said Putin. – The share of frozen fish in the domestic market was 56.7%, the share of fillet a bit more than 2%”.

Speaking about the new fishing fleet, Putin said that its creation is a key issue for the development of the fisheries sector.