Russia will build at the cube a few units

Moscow. October 19. The Russian government has approved the Ministry of energy presented a draft intergovernmental agreement on construction of power units at Cuban TPPs “MAXIMO Gomez and East Havana.”

The corresponding order published on the portal of legal information disclosure.

According to the document, the TPP “MAXIMO Gomez” will be built one unit at 200 MW, on the “Eastern Havana” – three 200 MW units.

The implementation of the project from the Russian side will be engaged in LLC “inter RAO – Export” (“daughter” of JSC “inter RAO”) with the Cuban company “Energoimport” as part of Union Electrica. Conditions will be defined in the contract for increase in plant capacity.

In accordance with the agreement, the Cuban side will release “inter RAO UES” and its contractors from paying tax on profit and customs duties, the employees would also be exempted from payment of the tax to incomes of physical persons.

In the summer of 2014 the Russian President Vladimir Putin has informed that “inter RAO” can participate in the projects on construction of power units for TPP “East Havana” and “MAXIMO Gomez”,

“Inter RAO – Export”, a 100% subsidiary of “inter RAO”, is engaged in export of power equipment, including in Latin American countries.