Russian officials now have to declare a conflict of interest

MOSCOW, October 19. Russian officials now have to declare a conflict of interest. It is provided came into force on October 17, Federal law No. 285, which defines “conflict of interest” for government officials, but also obliges officials to declare this conflict.

The law significantly expanded the list of persons obliged to declare the occurrence of a personal interest that could lead to a conflict of interest. For example, under the law does state Duma deputies, Federation Council members, the Chairman of the Central Bank and the attorney General. At the same time officials must take action to prevent or resolve such conflict.

In addition, the law defines such notions as “personal interest” and “conflict of interest”, and he also established a procedure to prevent and resolve such conflict of interest. Now under the conflict of interest refers to a situation in which personal interest affects or may affect the proper, objective and impartial performance of official duties. Personal interest means that you can get different benefits by not only official, but also his relatives and other persons associated with official property, corporate or other close relations.

The administration of the Kremlin in the framework of anti-corruption work considers cases of conflict of interest reported by the officials themselves, however, while the situation is not ideal, said the head of the Russian presidential administration Sergey Ivanov in an exclusive interview for the project “First person”.

“All the necessary anti-corruption legislation in Russia is taken… the Other issue is that, in addition to outright corruption, we still are very troubled with the so – called conflict of interests,” he admitted, explaining that we are talking about cases where some government official, for example, decides a distribution paid from the budget of orders in favor of structures affiliated with him or his relatives.