Sergei Ivanov: the fight against corruption is conducted without regard for the posts

MOSCOW, October 19. The fight against corruption in Russia should not turn into “a witch hunt”, but in the case of sufficient grounds, the charges will be made regardless of the positions of the suspects. This was stated by the head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov in an exclusive interview for the project “First person”.

“Fighting corruption is not a witch – hunt and not the PR campaign, which the government is trying to earn extra points and increase popularity”, – said Ivanov. “To have a witch hunt to please somebody, it is impossible”, – said the representative of the Kremlin.

“Selective justice and can not be – depending on the position of the defendant,” continued the head of the administration. “If there is reason, the person arraigned. Without regard to his position or status. Most importantly – untouchable in anti-corruption activities is not” – said Ivanov, adding that “otherwise, the governors were not arrested, but would decide their fate once undercover”.

Sergei Ivanov denied the suggestion that the Kremlin has dirt on all officials. “Bullshit. If the dads exist, they are in law enforcement. There, probably, they are. Even not probably, but surely,” said he. “You know, suspicion is not proof, and the administration of the President – not the Investigative Committee”, – said Ivanov.

The head of administration, in particular, said that the detention of the head of Komi Vyacheslav Gaizer he learned from the media. “Whether on tape or on TV,” said Ivanov. “No-one informed me, not consulted, is it possible to conduct a special operation, if you about it,” said the head of the Kremlin administration. “We should not think that everything is decided in the Kremlin. Many, but not all,” he said.

Ivanov explained that the President’s administration is conducting a review of income declarations of officials, especially the highest level. During this work identified cases of unreliability of the information submitted, the grounds for the dismissal of officials for loss of confidence. “But that doesn’t mean that they’re criminals, not necessary to confuse different things,” said the head of the administration.

Ivanov urged not to wait for arrests of high-ranking officials every week. “Or maybe you think that every Governor is a crook and a thief? I do not think so. I am sure that the vast majority of officials and regional, and Federal level are honest, decent people, not all smeared with black paint”,- said the head of the presidential administration.

In the Kremlin dismantled the cases of conflict of interests reported by officials

The administration of the Kremlin in the framework of anti-corruption work considers cases of conflict of interest reported by the officials themselves, however, while the situation is not ideal, said Sergey Ivanov.

“All the necessary anti-corruption legislation in Russia is accepted. Another issue is that in addition to outright corruption we are still very troubled with the so-called conflict of interest,” admitted Ivanov, explaining that we are talking about cases where some government official, for example, decides a distribution paid from the budget of orders in favor of structures affiliated with him or his relatives.

Ivanov recalled that on 6 October the President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed a law that clearly defines what is expected of the officer in the case, if there is a threat of conflict. Thus the head of administration, who heads the Presidium of the Council under the President of Russia on corruption counteraction, said that such cases have already come to the attention.

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“In the “other” (at the meetings of the Bureau) we already discussed – not in public – abuse of officials, including high level, informing us that they have in certain circumstances there may be conflicts of interests,” he said. “We have already many such statements. Sometimes allow, but there are also failures. All depends on the situation”, – said Ivanov.

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