Sergei Ivanov: the governors should explain to ineffective spending or to go “off the run”

MOSCOW, October 19. Moscow will no longer meekly “feed” the regions of the Russian Federation, efficient use of budgetary funds. Their leaders “off the run”, said the head of the Kremlin administration Sergei Ivanov in an exclusive interview for the project “First person”.

“Now they (the circumstances) others. Moscow will no longer be fed indiscriminately,” said he. “First, please explain why not coped with this responsibility”, – stressed Ivanov. “And shortcomings to hide more and more difficult”, – said the head of the Kremlin administration, explaining that its share to bring the popular front, the media, the Internet. “The control has become tougher, including from the ordinary citizens who find a way to make a statement about the observed violations”, – said Ivanov.

“The leaders (of regions) who do not wish or are not able to understand what occurred in other times, or otherwise pass the credentials to go run,” stressed Ivanov. The head of administration admitted that the problem of irresponsibility of the officials, obliged to monitor efficient use of allocated funds. “With this kind of situation must be fought. By all available means. As disciplining and punishing,” says the head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation.

“Unfortunately, in Russia is not very successful without instructions from above, but this is a problem of mentality, not logistics or economic schemes”, – said Ivanov. He noted that “in well-fed days, many leaders, primarily at the regional level, used to live with the consciousness that there is a safety net if things go bad, Moscow will come to the rescue”. “So that’s that, and find an alibi officials know how well, and in this sense they are very talented people,” said Ivanov. But now, according to the head of the administration, circumstances have changed and this practice will not work.

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