Sergei Ivanov: the resignation Yakunin discussed in advance and not being surprised

MOSCOW, October 19. The resignation of Vladimir Yakunin from the post of President of the Russian Railways was not a surprise for a former top Manager, said in an interview with the head of the presidential administration of Russia Sergei Ivanov.

“As far as I know, the resignation had been discussed for some time, it was not a surprise for Vladimir Ivanovich. And the fact that he initially agreed to go to the senators, then changed his mind, well, it’s his personal business,” – said Ivanov.

Speaking about the work of the new head of the company Oleg Belozerov, Ivanov noted that it “recently briefed Dmitry Medvedev about the intention of Russian Railways in 2015 “to reach the break-even commuter trains”. “For the first time. Previously it took a multibillion-dollar subsidies from the Federal budget”, – said the head of the presidential administration.

However, according to Ivanov, “problems in the field is still missing.” “Tariffs for transportation by rail is still very high I’d say, excessive. The result is an enormous imbalance”, – said the head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation.

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Ivanov added that “businessmen all that is handy try to transport by road”. “To the point of absurdity comes when metal and coal over distances of several hundred kilometers transported by trucks. For the operation of the highway because they have, excuse me, for free. Now finally let’s start with the fees of trucks weighing more than twelve tons. They really spoil the roadway,” – said the head of the presidential administration.

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