Sergei Ivanov: the restoration of relations between Russia and Ukraine will inevitably begin

MOSCOW, October 19. The restoration of relations between Russia and Ukraine will inevitably begin. Such opinion in exclusive interview for the special project “First person” was expressed by the head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov, noting that this depends not only from Moscow, but from the will of the other party.

“Sooner or later, I believe, there will come a time when the restoration of relations between the two countries will begin,” said Ivanov, noting that while “relations with official Kiev, fell, in simple terms, below a plinth”.

The representative of the Kremlin has called attention to two circumstances. “First of all, it’s never Russia’s fault, – Ivanov has listed. – Secondly, Ukraine is a special case, there are still many millions of our people. And not in some virtual sense, but quite specific: it’s someone’s parents, brothers, sisters, grandmothers, grandfathers”. The spokesman said that Russia and Ukraine are essentially one people. “Mentally, religiously, culturally between us infinitely much in common. Including the language. Unified Slavic nation here and argue about”, said Ivanov, adding that you can rewrite history, but essentially it does not change anything.

However, according to the head of the presidential administration, to restore relations of all these circumstances is not enough. “You know, not everything depends on us. If the other party does not want, will not in fact make. It is not our method”, – concluded the head of Sergei Ivanov.

With the advent of the Minsk format of the dialogue between Russia and Ukraine has improved

Sergei Ivanov also believes that with the advent of the Minsk format for dialogue between Russia and Ukraine has improved.

“Now (with the advent of the Minsk format) the situation has changed, there is a new stable channel of dialogue, – said the Agency interlocutor. A lot transferred to the level of the contact group in which Russia is presented as an equal partner. But, if you want, I can always call in Kiev. As well as Boris Lozhkin (the head of administration of President of Ukraine – approx.) me. Do this as needed. Thank God, the situation is better now than it was a year ago”.

Ivanov noted that Russia and Ukraine have maintained contacts at different levels – and the Russian government, the MFA and the presidential administration. “Can’t divulge the details of confidential negotiations that were there, but so will answer you: in the beginning of the conflict, when there were combat operations, in fact, the civil war on the territory of Ukraine, we talked more often, trying to stop the bloodshed and fratricide. And then there was no Minsk format,” he said, noting with satisfaction that now “in the Donbass at least no active clashes”.

The head of administration of the President of Russia is convinced that “without a political settlement will not solve the problem”, therefore, “comes to the forefront of the implementation of the Minsk agreements in full”. “Norman format is stated, – said Ivanov. Is it primarily about the direct dialogue between official Kyiv with the leadership of Donetsk and Lugansk. Objective – to determine the modality, the rules of the game and, ultimately, to hold elections under Ukrainian law to the residents of Donbas felt that their rights were protected by reinforced concrete. Including international guarantees and obligations”. According to him, “then you can go already on a final peace agreement.”

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