Sergei Ivanov: the use by some countries of the “law of the jungle” in world Affairs is dangerous

MOSCOW, October 19. The Kremlin believes the use of dangerous countries with democracy supposedly a reference to the principle of “might is right” in international Affairs. In an interview, said the head of the Russian presidential administration Sergei Ivanov.

He noted that now “the world is at a critical juncture” when the “separate country, calling themselves the bearers of reference democracy, demonstratively violate international law”. “For them, do not write the laws, rather, they recognize only: who is stronger that and the rights. All this is very dangerous. We don’t live in the jungle, no one is allowed to destroy the world order,” – said Ivanov.

Speaking about the situation in the fight against terrorism in the world, the head of the Kremlin administration has noticed that the USA at the time the longest in the history of the war in Afghanistan since 2001, and has not reached the goal of victory over the Taliban. Ivanov also criticized Washington for what because of the actions of the U.S. turned Iraq and Libya. He recalled that former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein hated al-Qaida and other terrorists.

Major superpowers who claim to be exceptional and consider themselves the only center of power in the world, they don’t need allies, they need vassals

Vladimir Putin
the President of the Russian Federation

“Yes, he struggled with them clearly undemocratic methods, hanged and shot without trial, but such was his manner of dealing with opponents. While Saddam was in power, nobody came to speak about the presence of any terrorist groups in Iraq. Then already hung Hussein, and today we have what we have,” said Ivanov.

According to him, in some semblance of today’s Libya, which, in turn, became, in fact, a “second Somalia” could turn and Egypt, “if not for the courage and vision of the then Minister of defence General Al-Sisi (now President of the country – approx.)”. Ivanov noted that in 2012, in their reports from Cairo American CNN called “Muslim brotherhood” “almost refined Democrats”.

“Remember how American partners and colleagues in the late naughties patiently explained to me that it is very important to bring democracy to the middle East on earth. Brought. The results sees the whole world”, – concluded the head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation.

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