Sergey Ivanov considers “insanity” the desire for total import substitution

MOSCOW, October 19. The head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov believes that “marasmus” the desire for total import substitution. This opinion he expressed in an exclusive interview for the special project “First person”.

“We do not strive for total import substitution. And isolate themselves from the outside world is also not going. It would be insanity,” said Ivanov.

The interviewee drew attention to the fact that speaking about the sanctions, often begin to think about Russia’s international isolation. “What is it? Western Europe, USA, Canada and several other States, peace is not limited. Other countries and regions are open to us. Asia, Africa, Latin America. And stay there you can go and trade with them”, – said Ivanov.

The head of the administration emphasized that Russia “will develop normally, to communicate, if necessary, to substitute what they themselves produce while not able to”. “But buying for currency, relatively speaking, diapers, as it once was, today it is hardly reasonable, – he warned. – This is not a precision instrument for space rockets, such a trifle, I think you quickly learn in Russia to produce”.

Thus, according to Ivanov, Russia “does not need an imitation of the process for the bulldozer” when the item appears, but noticeably inferior to foreign analogues. “In addition, in the global economy almost no one manufactures products designed exclusively for the domestic market. If we are to do something, you have to keep in mind and possible export. Otherwise it is simply meaningless,” he concluded.

For efficient import substitution the Russian Federation requires five to seven years

For global of import substitution industries in Russia takes five to seven years, said Sergei Ivanov.

“A global and efficient substitution of imported from abroad of certain products through five to seven years, not earlier,” he said. Thus, from the point of view of the representative of the Kremlin, there is a sector that allows you to stay within a much shorter time. Ivanov cited the example of the military-industrial complex. “It pretty much done, so take my word for it”, – assured the head of the administration.

Ivanov emphasized that from the break of cooperation in the field of defence industry were hardest hit by the Ukrainian side. “I am absolutely serious, without a hint of irony. Our neighbors have lost rocket and space industry, aircraft and shipbuilding, – said the interlocutor. – However, came in first place in the world in the export of sunflower seeds. Recently read about it from your colleagues-journalists.”

The head of the presidential administration was forced to admit that in the field of Russian agriculture change is not as significant as in the defence industry. “Although now on the shelves of our stores products of domestic manufacturers takes more and more space. Visibly more than even a few years ago,” he said, noting that in this sphere it is impossible to quickly correct the situation. “If we have come to rely on imports and they themselves haven’t made quality cheeses, it is naive to expect that he suddenly whence undertake. It does not happen, – said the interlocutor. – But, besides cheese, there are poultry, pork, vegetables – we almost saturated the market. It’s a chance for domestic producers”.

Ivanov is convinced that it is necessary to use the moment to increase production. According to him, there are such plans at the Federal level and in many regions, where weather conditions allow to farm. “The implementation also takes time, but we can see the first positive results”, he concluded.

Destruction of counterfeit products is the only right way

Elimination of counterfeit food products is the only right way, said the head of the presidential administration.

“I think the only proper elimination of counterfeit food products. No other way, if we truly want to fight corruption, – said the interlocutor. – And those who say that such acts are bad grandmother-the blockade survivor… Okay, age I war not found, but my parents knew what the siege of Leningrad. To speculate on this can only demagogues. Don’t need to play on the emotions, especially to do so so base”.

Ivanov recalled that many lived in the West and knows how things are there with the fight against counterfeit goods. “Any civilized country of any counterfeit ruthlessly destroys. Whether it be food, alcohol, cigarettes, clothes, shoes, medicines, appliances or electronics, he said. – All burned, choking caterpillar tractors, in short, utilized available means. I repeat, like they do in the civilized world. Everywhere. Another way of dealing with counterfeiting does not exist.”

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The head of the presidential administration in an interview shared his experience on this subject. He told me that when in 2001 he became the Minister of defense, the army “began to result in feelings.” “Remember how I decided to declare large exercises of the Caspian flotilla, to check its combat readiness. When everything ended, I was approached by the head of the Astrakhan region and the Republic of Kalmykia and became something hot to thank. I at first did not understand, in what business, – has told Ivanov. – Was, for the first time in many years, the sturgeon came in to spawn in the Volga river. And then I realized. Indeed, in the course of the exercise we called, in passing raked from the Delta of the river a few tens of kilometers – I misspoke – illegal networks. They broke all the plans.”

Then, according to the memoirs of the representative of the Kremlin, and they were talking about what to do with confiscated black caviar. Under the old laws it had to implement. “And what, the police will sell caviar? The ideal soil for corruption – it is better not to think of, ‘ he added. – The interior Ministry asked the Supreme authority to consent to the destruction of counterfeit. Caviar lobby a few years struggled and resisted, because he has from under the feet left a huge and profitable business”. In the end, President Vladimir Putin showed integrity, and with 2006 all counterfeit black caviar was withdrawn. On the market came the order.

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