Sergey Ivanov says Ukraine to take steps to avoid becoming “dumb selkhozproduct”

MOSCOW, October 19. The head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov advised the Ukrainian authorities to seriously reflect on the development of its economy, not to become “stupid selkhozproduct” of Europe. He stated this in an exclusive interview for the special project “First person”.

“If the authorities in Kiev think about the future of the state, they should seriously attend to what is happening, – said the Agency interlocutor. – Ukraine of agricultural technology of the country becomes dull – sorry for the rude word, but another can’t find the appendage for the production of agricultural products, which it is not clear who will buy it. One hundred percent – not the EU, can assure you in advance”.

Convinced Ivanov, “the second purpose of Ukraine under the current scenario – export of cheap labor overseas.” The representative of the Kremlin urged not to forget that after the beginning of the events in the Donbass three million Ukrainians have moved to Russia. Of them, according to Ivanov, over a million refugees, the rest are constantly working in the Russian Federation. “However, let the neighbors decide what they want to see their country tomorrow,” he concluded.

The full text of the interview is available on the website