The CEC gave the mandates passed in the Federation Council deputies to their colleagues in parties

The CEC gave the mandates passed in the Federation Council deputies to their colleagues in parties

Left the state Duma Franz Klintsevich, Sergei Kalashnikov, Nikolay Bulaev and Elena Mizulina.

MOSCOW, 19 Oct. The Central election Commission of the Russian Federation on Monday has registered deputies of the state Duma of the sixth convocation Elena Mitin and Arthur of the town from the “United Russia”, which received the vacant mandate passed in the Federation Council Franz Klintsevich and Nicholas bulayeva and has transferred Deputy mandates Elena Mizulina and Sergei Kalashnikov, accordingly, candidates from “Fair Russia” and LDPR Alexander Kravtsov and Vladimir Sysoev.

The Duma left member of the defense Committee of the state Duma Franz Klintsevich (EP), with the mandate of the Senator from the Smolensk region, the head of the Committee on health Sergei Kalashnikov (LDPR), appointed a Senator from the Bryansk region, the first Deputy head of the faction “United Russia” Nikolay Bulaev and the head of the Committee on family, women and children Elena Mizulina (CF) also in connection with transition to work in the Federation Council.

The Secretary of the General Council “United Russia” Sergey Neverov has informed that all the members of the General Council of the party voted for Mitina and Turov. He noted that they were proposed taking into account consultations held with the regional offices, according to these proposals the parliamentary seats reserved regions that are represented Bulaev (Ryazan region) and Klintsevich (Smolensk region).

At the meeting on Monday, the CEC decided to transfer the vacant mandate bulayeva the Deputy of the Ryazan regional Duma Elena Mitina and the mandate of the Klintsevich — Deputy of the Smolensk regional Duma Arthur Turova. Both the deputies were registered at the meeting they received a certificate of election.

Also during the meeting, the CEC handed over the Deputy mandate Mizulina to SR Alexander Kravtsov and the mandate of the Kalashnikov — the representative of LDPR Vladimir Sysoev. The question of their registration by the CEC will consider after they will submit all the necessary documents.