The CEC has transferred Deputy mandates successors Mizulina, bulayeva, Klintsevich and Kalashnikov

MOSCOW, October 19. Members of the CEC on Monday at the meeting voted in favour of the transfer of mandates of new deputies of the state Duma, which will be replaced in the lower house of the past in the Federation Council Elena Mizulina, Nicholas bulayeva, Franz Klintsevich and Sergey Kalashnikov.

According to the results of the single voting day on 13 September, the Deputy “Fair Russia” and the former head of the Committee on family, women and children Elena Mizulina has been nominated to the Federation Council by the Governor of the Omsk region. Senators also were two of the first Deputy head of the faction “United Russia” Franz Klintsevich (from the Governor of the Smolensk region) and Nikolay Bulaev (from legislative Assembly of the Ryazan region). The former head of the Duma Committee on health Sergei Kalashnikov (LDPR) has been delegated to the Federation Council the head of the Bryansk region.

Place Mizulina in the lower house is the Deputy Tetritskaro municipal district of Omsk region Alexander Kravtsov.

Bulayeva the mandate was transferred to the Deputy of the Ryazan regional Duma Elena Mitina, head of the regional organization of trade Union of workers of national education and science. Klintsevich will be replaced in the state Duma the Deputy of the Smolensk regional Duma Artem of Tours, who started his career in the “Young guard” of United Russia.

The Deputy Chairman of the Tyumen regional Duma Vladimir Sysoev takes place in Kalashnikov of the LDPR faction.

United Russia Mitina and Tours were registered during the CEC meeting. Kravtsov and Sysoev has not yet provided the Commission the necessary documents and were not registered. The CEC will consider the issue of their registration after the receipt of the documents.