The chamber has predicted inflation above the government laid down 12.2 percent

Moscow. October 19. The accounting chamber (JV) of the Russian Federation, inflation in Russia in 2015 will be higher than 12.2 per cent set by the government in the amendments to the budget for 2015, said the head of the accounting chamber Tatyana Golikova.

As of 12 October, inflation in Russia amounted to 10.7 per cent. According to the calculations of the accounting chamber, the inflation rate in October may be 11.1%.

“To achieve the expected adjusted forecast of inflation for 2015 (12.2 per cent) for the period from November to December 2015, it should be no more than 0.9%, and the average monthly rate of increase in consumer prices should be not more than 0.45%, which seems quite challenging”, – said in the conclusion of the accounting chamber on the amendments to the 2015 budget.

“Given the fact that we typically observed at the end of the year-over-year rate of inflation, most likely, 2015 will be no exception, we assume a slightly higher inflation estimates than those proposed in the government”, – said Golikova at session of the Duma Committee on budget and taxes during the discussion of the bill on amendments to the 2015 budget.

Amendments to the budget for 2015 also include the change of main parameters of the Federal budget for 2015. The revenue budget is proposed to increase by 711,6 billion (0.9% of GDP), expenses – RUR 202.3 billion (0.2% of GDP). The deficit is reduced by 509,4 billion roubles (0,7% of GDP).

“We are somewhat more optimistic in the estimates of Federal revenues. We believe that the prediction that proposed by the government, we will receive an additional 100 to 130 billion roubles of additional incomes”, – said the head of the accounting chamber.

According to the conclusion of the accounting chamber, a source of additional budget revenues may become an additional income VAT on goods sold on the territory of the Russian Federation (62 billion roubles), and the commodities imported to the territory of the Russian Federation (51 billion roubles), as well as the flow of fines in the amount of not less 5 billion roubles.