The Committee of the state Duma supported the amendments to toughen indiscipline for the deputies of all levels

MOSCOW, October 19. The profile state Duma Committee on constitutional legislation and state building supported the amendment that obliges the deputies of all levels and municipal officials to declare the conflict of interest to report its income and expenses, and close accounts abroad.

The decision was made during the second reading of the draft law of United Russia Irina Spring and Sergei Neverov about deprivation of mandates of deputies and senators for the lack of required by law the deadline is April 1 – declarations of income and property.

As explained by one of the authors of the amendments, the Deputy of LDPR Alexey Didenko, changes are made to the laws “On General principles of organization of local self-government in the Russian Federation”, “On combating corruption”, “On banning certain categories of persons to open and operate accounts, store cash and values in foreign banks located outside the territory of the Russian Federation, to own and use foreign financial instruments”.

“We propose to introduce new concepts – the members occupying leadership positions in the representative body Chairman, his deputies, heads of committees and commissions. This is the category persons which will be obliged to declare the income and expenses to close accounts and declare a conflict of interest,” said Didenko.

For “ordinary deputies,” he continued, introduces the requirement only to declare a conflict of interest. “Even if deputies work on a voluntary basis, often they have a business, and if this MP, for example, chairs the Committee – that there is a conflict of interests”, – said Didenko.

In addition, according to him, these amendments to report on income and expenditure expected to require, in particular, heads of administrations of municipal formations, as well as members of the territorial election Commission on a permanent basis. “About a hundred thousand new people will get into orbit. For them will be a transitional period for 3 months, to determine – either close the account or to resign” – warned the Deputy.

Didenko also stressed that these amendments are consolidated. “No one against. Both the Committee and the state Duma will support,” he concluded.

Amendments proposed by members of the Federation Council, United Russia’s Andrei Clisham, Dmitry Azarov, as well as deputies of the state Duma Alexander Surkovym (a just Russia), Alexei Didenko (LDPR), Vadim Soloviev (CPRF) and Victor Kidjaeva (“United Russia”).