The increase in fish production and construction of ships will be discussed at the state Council

The increase in fish production and construction of ships will be discussed at the state Council

During the meeting of the Presidium of the State Council of the Russian Federation will discuss the quotas for catches of fish and other aquaculture. Will also discuss the lack of new fishing trawlers, meeting modern requirements.

MOSCOW, 19 Oct. The integrated development of the fisheries sector, the saturation of internal market with quality domestic fish products, infrastructure projects in fish processing, and shipbuilding for the needs of the fishing industry will be the main during a meeting of the Presidium of the State Council RF on development of the fisheries industry in the country, which will be held on Monday in Moscow under the chairmanship of President Vladimir Putin.

In the state Council Presidium meeting will take part the heads of the economic block of the regional government, Federal services and agencies, heads of regions and heads of fisheries associations and businesses.

Fish, quotas, and history

One of the main issues of concern to the fisheries sector of the country is a quota on the catch of fish and other aquaculture. Currently rybodobytchikami permission is given by the so-called “historical principle” — a catch specific amount of fish for 10 years, and this rule will be in effect until 2018.

The Ministry of agriculture and Rosrybolovstvo now propose to extend this to 25 years.

According to the Minister of agriculture of Alexander Tkachev, the increase of the period of validity of quotas “15-20 years” will make business in this industry, “predictable and investors will invest, first of all fishermen”.

The share of Russian fish in the stores since the imposition of sanctions has increased from 50% to 65%, the reported head of Russian fishery Ilya Shestakov.

The total catch of Russian fishermen from the beginning of the year amounted to 3,512 million tons of fish that is 6.4% more than in the same period last year.

Money under the keel

In addition to increasing the action of catch quotas of fish Rosrybolovstvo proposes to amend legislation that will allow using a special allocation of catch quotas to encourage the construction of new vessels, the so-called “quotas under the keel”.

This draft document proposes to give in the form of a quota, a subsidy to fishermen, if they will build the new vessels at Russian shipyards, but only after they pass into service. Initially it was proposed to allocate up to 20% of quotas of fish production from outside the “historic principle”.

A hundred rubles for the construction of ships

Another problem of the modern Russian fishery sector in the deterioration of the ship Park. The officials themselves admit an acute shortage of new fishing trawlers, meeting modern requirements.

According to the Deputy head of the Agency of Peter Savchuk, the construction of a new fishing fleet, which will increase the annual profit in the industry $ 115 million, will require $ 1.2 billion.

“The volume of investments — about $ 1.2 billion, that’s 19 courts with annual capacity 40 thousand tons. If the state will provide support, the return on the project is 9-10 years”, — said Savchuk.

According to him, in recent years the world built in only four large-tonnage trawler, and in the current environment, the European sanctions and the Russian retaliation at the country “a competitive advantage to do so. I personally visited the factories, I can responsibly say that our shipbuilders can build ships not worse than the European class”.