The Ministry of economic development will cover the entire network by monitoring the quality of public services

Moscow. October 19. The Ministry of economic development expects the end of the first quarter of 2016 to complete the connection of the whole network generated by the DCP to the public system of monitoring the quality of public services, said Deputy Minister of economic development Oleg Fomichev.

According to him, currently he estimates the share of IFC, already connected to the system for monitoring the quality of public services “Your control” (, 80%.

“I have no data how many have already entered the DCP is connected (to monitoring system), but because it is one of the main requirements for the DCP, they will as quickly as possible, 80% of those that entered already connected (for monitoring). The rest is now in the process”, – said Fomichev.

“We will continue to track who has connected and who is not, and to send the right path (neoclassica), because, of course, cases where someone is not connected, will be”, – said Fomichev, noting that such risks he can only see in 2-3 regions.

The government plans to start assessing the quality of public services and small businesses, services to which the DCP will also begin to provide, said Fomichev.

“In this case, by and large, there is a difference between an individual person and an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity. But in any case, people come to the MFC, fills in the documents and the whole collection system (marks) works the same as for any individuals. Either you are in the DCP evaluation, or give your phone number and you Federal call center call back. There is also the possibility in the Internet to place a grade in this sense, the system is invariant, as a legal entity and entrepreneur can now use it”, – said Fomichev.

“Currently in the mass connection to the system “Your control” centers for public service delivery, expanding the list of estimated services per month do citizens assess the country 257,5 thousand facts of rendering of services, while at the beginning of year this indicator amounted to 94 thousand That is increased by 2.7 times.

For 9 months of the most actively evaluated the services of the traffic police and the Federal migration service and the Federal tax service. The number of evaluated facts of the traffic police in 3.8 times higher than for the FMS.

Almost 93% of the services citizens ocenivat “good” or “excellent”, evidenced by the statistics