The state Duma Committee recommended to revoke the mandates of MPs for failing to declare income

MOSCOW, October 19. The state Duma Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction has recommended today to take in the second – mostly – reading the draft law that introduces an additional responsibility in the form of deprivation of office for the deputies of all levels, as well as senators for the lack of required by law the deadline is April 1 – declarations of income and property. The initiative was introduced in may by deputies of the faction “United Russia” Irina Spring and Sergey Neverov.

Under the bill, failure to submit or untimely submission of information about income and expenditure, it is proposed to introduce additional responsibility in the form of early termination of Deputy powers. “This type of responsibility is already provided for opening accounts (deposits), store cash and values in foreign banks located outside the territory of the Russian Federation, possession and / or use foreign financial instruments,” the authors state in the accompanying documents.

The discussion was approved the amendment of the group of deputies of all fractions of the state Duma and senators , which obliges the deputies of all levels – working on a permanent and non-permanent basis, as well as persons occupying municipal positions, to provide a Declaration, to inform about the presence of conflict of interest and close accounts abroad.

The head of the Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction Vladimir Pligin supported the amendment, adding that “it is comprehensive and organizes the institutes Declaration of income and expenses, contains an indication of the conflict of interest and the closure of foreign accounts”. This approach, in his words, “fully reflects the completeness of the action of the legislation on combating corruption” and makes more transparent the activity in elected office.

The head of the Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Irina Yarovaya said that the provision that the statement of income and property “is imperative”. “It’s not a rule, and the duty of deputies of all levels – provide information about income and expenses. And, accordingly, it is necessary to establish responsibility,” she said earlier in an interview with reporters.

According to the Deputy, the analysis showed that for 2013 and 2014 of about three percent of regional deputies did not submit Declaration on income and expenditure. “We believe this situation is unacceptable,” – said the author of the initiative.

Currently the law specifies that deputies of the state Duma and regional parliaments, as well as members of the Federation Council before April 1, provide information on the revenues and expenditures /previous year/ their, spouses and minor children, but the responsibility for their failure and violation of the terms missing.

The need for such legislation arose after this year a number of deputies of legislative Assembly of Chelyabinsk region refused to provide information about their income and expenditure. According to media reports, they referred to the fact that you do not receive a salary in Parliament in the region and therefore do not see the urgency in the publication of the Declaration. Later in the “United Russia” has monitored the situation and found that their income did not report many MPs in all regions of the Russian Federation. Then Neverov said that the party will review each case and take action against dishonest politicians even before the change in legislation. At the same time he stated that the problem concerns not only the representatives of “United Russia”.