Zakharov meeting with the participation of Russia and USA on Syria to take place this week

MOSCOW, October 19.Meeting of Russian and American diplomats on the Syrian settlement must take place by the end of this week. Now we discuss the venue, exact date, format and composition of participants. About it said today the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“Really it was the proposal of the American party to be held in the coming days – I can say that we are talking about this week – to hold a certain meeting with the Russian side on the Syrian settlement, said Zakharov on the TV channel “Russia 24″, the Format, the venue and exact date now once again these minutes are consistent”.

“As soon as we agree on the parameters of this meeting, we will be able to announce… she is Now in the stage of development… yet I Have no information about the participants of this meeting,” she added.

“We are ready for any dialogue in any format”, – said the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry.

Earlier on Monday US Secretary of state John Kerry said he intends to meet with representatives of authorities of Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Jordan to discuss the Syrian crisis. A Russian diplomatic source confirmed that the meeting of foreign Ministers of Russia, USA and Saudi Arabia may soon take place in Vienna.