“Abrau-Durso” triggers a chain of champagne bars to the anchor point in Moscow’s Gum

MOSCOW, October 19. /Corr. Maria Dorokhina/. Russian band wine “Abrau-Durso” in the test mode opened in Moscow’s Gum his first champagne bar outside outlets, including to increase brand awareness among visiting Moscow foreigners. This was announced by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC “Abrau-Durso” Pavel Titov. In parallel, “Abrau-Durso” has allowed its partners to open the champagne bars at the eponymous franchise wine stores.

“While the official opening of the bar we did. Now are working in the start-up mode,” said the businessman.

Before tasting bars with the group’s products “Abrau-Durso” worked only with its own wine shop.

Bar “Abrau-Durso” in the Gum covers an area of about 30 square metres and is located on the 3rd line of the shopping center (the farthest from the red square). Titov estimates investment in the start point in the range of 1.5-2 million rubles. In school presents all wine lineup of the group, including the products of wineries “Vedernikov”, 51% of “Abrau-Durso” has acquired this year.

Promotion of Russian wines

“Abrau-Durso” does not expect large growth in group sales due to the opening of the bar in Gum. The company’s management evaluates its more like a prestige project and the opportunity to promote Russian wine products, including among foreign tourists, which are actively visiting the GUM, explains Titov.

“The brand will be including to get to know foreigners is an important part. To us it is quite important at this stage to generate foreign interest in our product, but it is not a job for one year”, – said Titov.

Sales of the bar will not make even 1% of total revenues, predicts the businessman. “But for us not as important to the economy of the process, how much visualization in the best, Central point of Moscow, – he says. We are all the time trying to find legal methods of promotion of products (because of restrictions on alcohol advertising in the media – approx. ed.). Plus the feature of our products it must first try”.

In “Abrau-Durso” while not think, will open other champagne bars outside of own retail. In the meantime, the company renegotiated the terms of the franchise for the opening of the wine house “Abrau Durso” and allowed the partners to develop the champagne bars at stores, said Titov. The first franchise store “Abrau-Durso” opened this spring in Chelyabinsk. By the end of 2015 should open another affiliate outlet in Yekaterinburg. Potentially the champagne bars “Abrau-Durso” can appear in other cities, because one of the requirements for the opening of the wine Studio of is population in the city of 1 million people, from the presentation on the manufacturer’s website.

The group itself develops 4 brand store in the village of Abrau Durso (Krasnodar region), as well as two wine Studio in Moscow. When the last two are champagne bars.

The imports in sales

Despite the fact that “Abrau-Durso” in Russia, the company has not escaped the negative impact from falling ruble, said Titov. The group purchases a portion of the seedlings and wine abroad. In addition, the purchase of equipment and paper for labels also has a component in euros, said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Abrau-Durso”.

“The increase in the cost of components is directly proportional to the devaluation. Some vendors are trying to go with us on a monetary calculation, but we run because it’s at least illegal,” says Titov.

According to him, sales of turbulent behave – then go above, then below the expected level. To keep the indicators on the background of declining purchasing power helps the promotion of import substitution.

“The fact that the purchasing power of customers affected, it shows. This year we feel the vulnerability. But the interest in Russian guilt increases, and sell has become much easier. If not for Patriotic wave, everything would be so much harder,” he said.

The businessman expects that sales for the year will be able to keep on the same level as last year. The group’s revenue in 2014 amounted to RUB 6.7 billion, has sold 27 million bottles, he said.

“Abrau-Durso” – the largest Russian manufacturer of sparkling wines, obtained both classic and reservoir method. Finished goods comprise sparkling wine “and” wine with the name “Abrau-Durso” and trademarks “Abrau”, Victor Dravigny, Abrau Light, Foliage and “Russian champagne”. The company also provides travel services on the basis of its own Center of wine tourism. In addition, “Abrau-Durso” implements the construction of cottage settlements projects Abrau Deluxe Club and Abrau Foresthill.

The history of “Abrau-Durso” begins with 1870, when on the initiative of Prince Golitsyn were undertaken searches in Russia location, its soil-climatic conditions comparable to the champagne region. In 2006 a controlling stake in the plant “Abrau-Durso” was acquired by the group of companies SVL led by Boris Titov, in September 2011, they became the owners of 100% of “Abrau-Durso”. In October 2012, the company’s ordinary shares were included in the third level listing of the Moscow exchange. During such placement on the stock exchange the minority shareholders who own shares in the company, have the opportunity to trade these securities on the Moscow exchange, and the company is able to expand the range of investors and to provide liquidity to minority shareholders and define the market valuation of the company.