Kudrin named increase of taxes is the only way to increase state revenue

Moscow. October 20. In existing inertial strategy of the state until there is no alternative to increasing taxes to increase revenue, said the ex-Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation, Dean of the faculty of liberal arts and Sciences St. Petersburg state University Alexei Kudrin.

“I always spoke that if will not be carried out structural reforms – raising the retirement age, a budget maneuver will not improve other structural elements of the economy, then economic growth will remain low and commitment is high. The state this lack of resources, taking into account the demographic situation and changes in demographic trends will be forced to cover, reducing some costs – but this too has a limit – and thus turning to raise taxes,” Kudrin told reporters in St. Petersburg on Tuesday.

According to him, currently fixed inertial trend, when the state, one way or another, raises taxes almost every year. “Promise early in the year not to raise taxes, however, this year returned to the tax increase,” said the former Minister.

Kudrin stressed that while there is a forecast of the budget deficit, “the reserve Fund is exhausted too”, the state will be forced to look for income. “So far, unfortunately, within the inertial strategy it’s only a tax increase. I hope that this will not happen, and the state will proceed to structural reforms”, – the expert added.