Media: Novak, who arrived in Tehran will discuss the development of bilateral cooperation

TEHRAN, October 20. /Corr. Alexander Levchenko/. Minister of energy Alexander Novak, who arrived in the Iranian capital, will discuss the expansion of bilateral economic cooperation in the oil industry. This is reported by Iranian media.

In the program of his two-day visit negotiations with the Minister of oil of Iran Bizhan Namdar Zangane, energy Minister Hamid Chitchian, Minister of economy and Finance Ali Parties, and several other Ministers and heads of agencies of the Islamic Republic to expand bilateral cooperation and increase trade from $2 to $10 billion.

Negotiations Novak in Tehran coincided with the negotiations of Russia and other countries-oil producers with the leadership of OPEC in Vienna, which on Wednesday will discuss the situation of world market prices of oil and the possibility of reducing production energy carrier.

Visit of the Minister of energy of the Russian Federation to the Islamic Republic comes at a time when Iran and “six” of international mediators (five permanent members of the UN security Council and Germany) are preparing to start implementing a nuclear agreement, a Joint comprehensive plan of action (SITD), concluded on 14 July in Vienna. In accordance with the nuclear deal, Tehran has agreed on a long-term limitations of its nuclear program in exchange for lifting sanctions. Implementation SVPD will free up about $ 92 billion of Iranian assets frozen in foreign banks, and will open up the opportunities for foreign investment, including in such promising sectors as oil extraction, oil refining, mining, energy, and all industries related to high technology.