State Duma Deputy: Switzerland will send a note to Russia about the incident with the plane Naryshkin

GENEVA, 20 October. Switzerland will send a note to the Russian foreign Ministry in connection with the incident, which occurred on the eve of the state Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin. This was reported to journalists by the head of the Duma Committee on property Sergei Gavrilov, who was part of the parliamentary delegation participated in the meeting of Russian deputies headed by Naryshkin Chairman of the National Council of the Swiss Parliament Stefano Rossini.

According to Gavrilova, Rossini described the incident as a “lack of coordination” and expressed hope that it “will not result in a deterioration of relations (Russia and Switzerland)”.

The Deputy informed according to Russia, “the Swiss side will make a note” with explanations of the Russian side about the incident with the Russian side.

Previously, the Swiss side has confirmed that its military aircraft F/A-18 came close Sunday in air space of Switzerland to the Russian aircraft, which was the parliamentary delegation of the Russian Federation, EN route to a meeting of the IPU in Geneva.

“Swiss military aircraft F/A-18 came close to the Russian aircraft in Swiss airspace over the city of Biel as part of the standard procedures police control in the air. It happened at 10:22 local time (11:22 MSK)” – said Corr. in Geneva, the official representative of the Federal Department of defence, civil protection and sport Peter minder.

According to him, the purpose of the Swiss military pilot was the identification of the aircraft, “it was standard procedure adopted in Switzerland, this comes as no surprise”, on average per year in Switzerland, that is of the order of 100 similar tests.