The expert: a conversation about the referendum in South Ossetia on joining Russia populism

SOCHI, October 20. /Corr.TASS Artem Tokarev/. The subject of the referendum in South Ossetia on joining Russia – this is populism. This opinion was expressed by Director on scientific work of the International discussion club “Valdai” Fyodor Lukyanov, a regular meeting which takes place in Sochi.

“On the background of the fact that everything around is crumbling, I mean the established system of relations and balances in a wide range from North Africa to the South Caucasus, to put the question on joining Russia that further complicate the situation. Now between Russia and Georgia, there is a certain, not very positive, but still the status quo where the parties recognized that there is such a reality, she will not change and we need to keep,” said Lukyanov. “From the formal accession of South Ossetia will not change anything for the better for South Ossetia. But problems can occur and South Ossetia and Russia. So I think that this topic is quite populist, and she’s now quickly come to naught”, – he stressed.

Discussion club “Valdai” was created in 2004. During this time the club meetings were attended by more than 900 scientists from 62 countries. The meeting this year involved more than 130 participants including over 90 from abroad.