The foreign Ministers of Russia and India will hold talks in Moscow

The foreign Ministers of Russia and India will hold talks in Moscow

During the meeting, as expected, heads of diplomatic missions will discuss the crisis in Ukraine and Russia’s actions in Syria. Moscow is grateful to new Delhi for a reserved position in Kiev, India, in turn, would Express support for the operation of Air and space forces of Russia.

MOSCOW, 20 Oct. The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov is expected in Moscow he will meet with his Indian counterpart Sushma Swaraj.

The meeting will be held in the framework of the visit of Swaraj to Russia, which will be held 19-21 October. During his visit to Moscow in the delegation accompanying the foreign Minister of India will be senior officials of the Ministry of industry and trade, Ministry of oil and gas, Ministry of science and technology and the Ministry of culture. Swaraj will participate in the meeting of the Russian-Indian intergovernmental Commission.

Oiled machine

The intergovernmental Commission on trade-economic, scientific-technological and cultural cooperation will be held in 21-th time. Russia and India “will synchronize watches” on bilateral issues on the eve of the Russian-Indian summit in December.

“IPC is a precursor and preparation phase of the upcoming December 16-th Russian-Indian summit. The event will discuss a wide range of issues, including strategic issues of cooperation, to sum up the work for the year and outline new horizons for the development on the background of the current situation of world economy development”, — told in the Russian Federation trade mission in India.

This year the delegation included head of the Indian foreign Minister will be officials from the Ministry of trade and industry, oil and natural gas, civil aviation, culture, and science and technology. Co-chair of the IGC from the Russian side is Vice-Premier Dmitry Rogozin with Indian Swaraj.

Among the topics addressed at the intergovernmental Commission, will be nuclear energy, power generation, engineering, exploration and production of minerals. The parties will also discuss cooperation in the sphere of construction of gas pipelines, the development of the railway infrastructure, civil aviation, the use of space for peaceful purposes, the development of modern communications and more.

Decisions to be made

The work of the intergovernmental Commission meeting was preceded by a large number of working groups and sub-groups, including on priority projects, on the modernization of cooperation, banking issues and others.

As reported in the trade delegation, in meetings of groups and subgroups has already adopted a number of decisions that will be reflected in the final Protocol. In addition, the parties will Express support for the Treaty establishing a free trade zone with the EEU, the modernization of agreements on mutual protection of investments, promotion of settlements in national currencies. Will be raised and the question of the establishment of direct investment Fund RUSNANO with an Indian partner.

This year the meeting includes the discussion of several new issues. “Separately will consider the interaction between the customs services of Russia and India within the framework of the project “green corridor”, as well as new investment opportunities in the Russian far East”, — explained in the trade mission.

Cautious stance Delhi

According to the Professor of chair of Oriental studies MGIMO (University) of the MFA of Russia Sergey Lunev Ministers for its part, is likely to discuss the crisis in Ukraine and Russia’s actions in Syria. The Russian authorities are grateful to India for restraint in Ukraine and new Delhi, is likely to Express support for the operations of the Russian Air and space forces in Syria, the expert said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

“The main problem in bilateral relations is the relationship of elites of the two countries and the public. India is not always perceived as a nation at the global level, considering that we are weakened, and we do not perceive India as a global country,” he said.

As noted Lunev, the Indian elite often migrate to the US, which is a definite limiter for the development of relations of Moscow and Delhi. “Three million American citizens of Indian origin. Since this was a migration of the elite, they have a decent per capita income. Now we have a situation where it is difficult to find a person from the Indian elite, which would not have relatives in the USA,” the expert said.

According to him, the most successful cooperation of Russia and India develops in the military-technical sphere and in the nuclear industry, most likely, the Ministers at the forthcoming negotiations will affect these topics.