The MAYOR feels inappropriate to develop anti-crisis plan of the government for 2016

MOSCOW, October 20. The Ministry of economic development considers it inappropriate to develop a new anti-crisis plan of the government for 2016, said Deputy Minister of economic development Oleg Fomichev at the meeting of the public Council of the MAYOR.

“While we believe that the new plan is no need that we need to return to the work planned in the framework of the main activities of the government and balance the short-term measures are taken, measures that are needed in order to develop further”, – said Fomichev.

The plan of priority measures for the sustainable development of economy and social stability in 2015 was adopted by the decree of the RF government of January 27, 2015. The plan includes 60 points in the seven principal directions of the fight against the crisis. The total cost of these measures amounted to 2.33 trillion rubles While the plan was not included, in particular, subsidization of interest rates on mortgage loans. This measure was introduced as a separate government resolution of March 13, 2015 Current version of the budget on anti-crisis measures laid 602,5 billion rubles Amount of funds “anti-crisis” Fund is 206,7 billion rubles on April 24, the government adopted a decision on the redistribution 190,5 billion rubles from anticrisis Fund, including the implementation of anti-crisis plan – 141,9 billion rubles in addition, the plan includes such an item as a recapitalization of banks at the expense of funds provided by the state Corporation “Agency for deposits insurance” (DIA) through the mechanism of OFZ, the beginning of the measure – December 2014, with total funding of 1 trillion rubles.

The state Duma will consider on October 21, the report of the government of the Russian Federation for the first half of the anti-crisis plan.