The Rosselkhoznadzor carries out inspections of hypermarkets “Magnit” in different regions of the Russian Federation

MOSCOW, October 20. The Rosselkhoznadzor is currently conducting inspections of hypermarkets “Magnit” in different regions of Russia, said the assistant head of Department Alexey Alekseenko.

“Checks are carried out. Can’t tell how serious they are, but go check,” said Alekseenko. According to him, in Moscow stores until inspected by the Rosselkhoznadzor. But further inspections in the capital are not excluded, added Alekseenko.

The Department previously announced its intention to continue inspections in domestic retail. “We were not going only one network “Auchan” – check. And said that then will check other networks. This is the instruction of the government”, – said the representative of Rosselkhoznadzor.

Previously, the Agency reported that the inspections on the network “Auchan” in the summer of 2015 was conducted on behalf of the Chairman of the RF government Arkady Dvorkovich. The request was due to complaints from customers – doubtful freshness, explained earlier Alexey Alekseenko.

Today the Agency announced the claims to Kostroma the store network “Magnit” in the course of unscheduled inspection of the store revealed irregularities in the storage and sale of meat products. The Director of the enterprise brought to administrative responsibility. Questionable products are withdrawn from sale and sent for recycling, said the Agency. According to Alekseenko, refers to “several tens of kg of meat”.

In late July, the Rosselkhoznadzor reported the detection of disturbances in some shops “Auchan” in Moscow region. In particular, the network had identified cases of incorrect labelling of meat products, artificial prolongation of shelf life, the use of expired sausages in the manufacture of pizza. Besides, the Rosselkhoznadzor found foreign DNA in pork and beef stuffing, and also Salmonella, Listeria and exceeding the content of a group of bacteria Escherichia coli in some meat products. In September, the Rosselkhoznadzor has repeatedly reported violations in selected hypermarkets “Auchan” in Moscow region.

Disorders are related to meat and fish products, storage conditions which did not meet the standards. In addition, a loss labeling requirements and veterinary – sanitary rules of gathering, recycling and destruction of biological waste. In addition, there were revealed violations of legislation on phytosanitary and plant quarantine. In October, the Rosselkhoznadzor informed also about the detection of violations in hypermarkets “Auchan” in Samara and Kostroma – they concerned meat products.