Churov: it is possible the second round in single-member districts on elections in the state Duma

Churov: it is possible the second round in single-member districts on elections in the state Duma

The CEC head considers a fairly large probability that in several constituencies, which the Duma elections in 2016 will be 225, no candidate attains the necessary number of votes.

YALTA, 21 Oct. The Chairman of the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation Vladimir Churov does not exclude that the elections to the State Duma in 2016 in several single-mandate constituencies, a second round.

The supervisor arrived in the Crimea to the all-Russian meeting with the chairmen of election commissions of subjects of the Russian Federation.

“We will discuss the problematic questions, is a preparation for a possible re-vote, because the parliamentary elections will be held under a mixed system, will be 225 single-mandate districts. Chances are that in parts of these districts none of the candidates attains the necessary number of votes and will be the second round,” — said Churov to journalists.

According to him, the CEC will pay special attention for the proper conduct possible re-vote.

Churov also said that elections to the state Duma in 2016 will be invited international observers “in reasonable quantities”. “We are not supporters of the invitation of a huge number of international observers. We will be inviting international observers to the elections in 2016 in reasonable quantities,” — said Churov.

He advised the heads of regional election commissions to prepare for the possible arrival of international observers, to help them to monitor preparations for the vote in remote regions. “They should fully evaluate the preparation of the voting in all polling stations in the Russian Federation”, — said Churov.

According to him, this year in the elections on the single voting day in September, Russia was visited by more than 50 observers from other countries to familiarize with the practice of organizing elections. Most of them had been in the Leningrad region, said the CEC head.

“Impressions of our guests were positive and favourable. Basically they note that many will borrow from the experience of voting on the territory of the Leningrad region”, — said the supervisor.