Coca-Cola has reduced profit and revenue in the third quarter

Moscow. October 21. American Coca-Cola Co., the world’s largest manufacturer of soft drinks, reduced net profit and revenue in the third quarter of 2015 due to a stronger than expected negative impact of currency fluctuations, reported Bloomberg.

The company’s net profit in July-September amounted to $1.45 billion, or 33 cents per share, compared to $2.11 billion, or 48 cents per share, for the same period in 2014.

Profit Coca-Cola with the exception of one-off factors amounted to 51 cents per share.

The company’s revenue decreased by 4.6%, to $11,43 billion.

Analysts surveyed by Bloomberg had forecast adjusted earnings of 50 cents a share with revenue of $11,54 billion.

The company expects to compensate for the drop in sales of soda due to the reduction of costs by $3 billion a year by 2019 and sale of drinks in containers smaller volume, but at a higher price.

Sales volume of Coca-Cola in natural expression has increased in the last quarter by 3%, while sales of carbonated beverages rose by 2%, still 6%. In North America sales increased 1%, Europe by 4%. In South America sales grew by 2% in Eurasia and Africa, 4% in the Pacific region – also 4%.

Coca-Cola shares dropped 1.4% in the market on Wednesday. With the beginning of the year capitalization of the company increased by 0.2%.