Conflicts in hunter’s row: the scandals with the participation of Vladimir Zhirinovsky

September 16. In the walls of the building of the Russian state Duma on Wednesday there was a conflict. LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky during a speech at the plenary session on elections in the Amur region, which the liberal democratic party refused to recognize, made some rude comments about the Deputy-the United Russia, the triple Olympic champion in figure skating Irina Rodnina. Then Zhirinovsky has turned to insults of the “United Russia” in General, noting that his party “disgusting in the same room to sit” with United Russia.

The faction “United Russia” has demanded from the LDPR leader apology, threatening otherwise to appeal to the Duma Commission on ethics. The liberal democratic party refused to apologize, the faction of the liberal Democrats in full force left the plenary hall. As explained in the press service of the LDPR, it was done “in protest against the rigged elections in the Amur region, and also in protest against the attempts to disrupt the speech of the leader of LDPR in the state Duma”.

Deputy head of the LDPR faction Yaroslav Nilov said that in the hall there was a tough speech by the leader of the party. “We stole the votes, it was said Zhirinovsky, and Rodnina, with the places commented, distracted, provoked… there should be a response…Why pour oil on the fire?!”, – said Nilov.

The Deputy Rodnina said in turn that Zhirinovsky thought she wasn’t paying attention. Rodnina herself is an apology from Zhirinovsky is not waiting. “The nobility does not expect”, – she said.

The head of the state Duma Commission on Deputy ethics Victor Zavarzin (United Russia) urged his colleagues on the parliamentary body to be more tolerant to each other and said that at this point in the profile Commission any instructions on evaluation of incident didn’t arrive.

Incidents involving Zhirinovsky. Chronology

The leader of LDPR is not the first time it appears in the center of the scandal. Other incidents with the participation of Vladimir Zhirinovsky – in the material.

September 9, 1995, deputies Mykola Lysenko and Vladimir Zhirinovsky staged a fight in the hall of the Parliament. During the meeting, the independent Deputy Nikolay Lysenko said his colleague Gleb Yakunin that he has no right to wear the vestments of a priest, and tore off his cross. Lysenko was supported by Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s words “hit him, tear the robe!”. In the incident tried to intervene, the Deputy Evgenia Tishkovskaya, but LDPR leader grabbed her hair, accidentally hitting another woman-the Deputy – Nina Volkova.

March 11, 1998, the LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky in the debates doused the Deputy of the faction “Yabloko” Anatoly Head of water. The chamber has deprived Zhirinovsky’s words to the end of the meeting.

On 5 February 2002 during the meeting of the Duma Council, which discussed the rules for granting Russian citizenship, Vladimir Zhirinovsky threw a glass into the face of his opponent – a member of the SPS faction Boris Nadezhdin.

30 March 2005 at the meeting of the state Duma was a fight between the factions, “Rodina” and LDPR. At the Parliament of the LDPR faction proposed to discuss elections to the state Duma of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district, where the liberal Democrats was removed from the register. After MPs refused to include this question in the agenda, Zhirinovsky said his faction leaves the building and goes to “smash” the mission of the district. In the courtroom started the fight, which was attended by about 20 members, mainly from fractions of LDPR and “Rodina”. It has affected the Deputy from “Rodina” Andrei Saveliev and Vladimir Zhirinovsky. On the same day the decision of the house leader of the liberal democratic party has been deprived for a month of voting rights at meetings of the state Duma.

April 18, 2014 the leader of the LDPR faction Vladimir Zhirinovsky made a scene before the beginning of plenary session of the state Duma, insulting the journalists of the parliamentary pool. The correspondent of news Agency “Russia today” Stella Dubovitskaya asked the leader of LDPR whether Russia to impose retaliatory sanctions on the entered Ukraine on the eve of restrictions on the entry of Russians by gender and age. In response, Zhirinovsky started to shout at the journalist and insult. The abuse suffered and her colleagues, who tried to stand up for Dubovitsky, putting in Zhirinovsky that the woman is pregnant. After the incident, Stella Dubovitskaya was hospitalized. The parliamentary pool of journalists addressed to the speaker of the state Duma Sergei Naryshkin with a request to evaluate the behavior of the LDPR leader. Two days after the incident, Zhirinovsky has apologized to the journalists in the program “Sunday evening with Vladimir Solovyov”.