Demand soared 40% of actions “Transaero” has exceeded 200 million rubles

Moscow. October 21. The surging demand for action “Transaero” on the Moscow stock exchange on Wednesday morning more than 200 million rubles, the paper chose the maximum daily increase to 40% after news that co-owner of PJSC “Airline “Siberia” (enters into group of S7 Airlines) Vladislav Filev has signed an agreement to purchase Alexander Pleshakov “not less than 51% of actions “Transaero”.

On the Moscow stock exchange the price of the securities Transaero is 9.51 cents (+40%), for the purchase of lots billed 2,063 million of the company’s shares (one lot includes 10 shares). Paper Transaero is rapidly falling in price since 1 September, when there was a threat of bankruptcy of the company – shares have fallen 16 times, from 116 to 6.8 rubles ruble.

Meanwhile, transport Minister Maxim Sokolov in an interview with TV channel “Russia 1” said on Wednesday that the air operator certificate of airline “Transaero” will be cancelled from October 26. According to him, the Federal air transport Agency has completed the ongoing test, and experts signed the act, according to which further activity of the airline “Transaero” becomes impossible. So on Wednesday morning signed an order for revocation of the air operator certificate of the company “Transaero” since October 26 of this year, the Minister said.

Sokolov also noted that the total number of Transaero passengers who will be transported by Aeroflot group, approximately 1.8 million people. “Aeroflot” since the beginning of September provides operational management of the troubled carrier.

Shares of “Aeroflot” on Wednesday morning on the stock exchange fall by 5% (to 46,86 rubles) within the correction after rising since the end of September to 45% (from 34,26 to 49.7 rubles).

The company “Transaero” has accumulated about 250 billion rubles of debt and excess fleet in September was in the verge of bankruptcy, forcing the state to look for options to save her. It was assumed that 75% plus 1 share of the company will be sold to Aeroflot for 1 ruble, but shareholders “Transaero” were not able to consolidate the required stake. As a result “Aeroflot” has refused the offer, and statements of relevant officials boil down to the fact that the option of bankruptcy of the airline seems to be the only one possible. With the beginning of the week to the “Transaero” has received claims from the bankruptcy of the largest creditors of the company – Alfa-Bank and Sberbank, plans to file a claim for bankruptcy of air carrier stated VTB.