In S7 confirmed the purchase of a co-owner of “Siberia” at least 51% of actions “Transaero”

In S7 confirmed the purchase of a co-owner of “Siberia” at least 51% of actions “Transaero”

Moscow. October 20. Co-owner of PJSC “Airline “Siberia” (enters into group of S7 Airlines) Vladislav Filev has signed an agreement to purchase Alexander Pleshakov “not less than 51% of actions “Transaero”, said the representative of the S7.

According to RBC, CEO and co-owner S7 Filev and Pleshakov signed an agreement on Tuesday evening. According to the newspaper, knows about the deal and the top Manager of one of creditor banks of the company. The amount of the transaction participants is not revealed, but according to Pleshakova, which leads to RBC, the price of the package amounted to “significantly more than one rouble” and the amount “will satisfy all parties involved”.

“I prepared this agreement including because they do not would like to prevent the monopolization of the airline industry that passengers and employees of the industry had a choice between airlines. In addition, our goal was to not hurt long-term partners and creditors of the airline, which undoubtedly would have incurred damages in case of bankruptcy”, – quotes RBC of a word Pleshakova.

Filev told the publication that the shareholders of S7 “have a plan of normalization of relations with creditors “Transaero”, without specifying the details and saying only that new shareholders “by all means try to avoid the bankruptcy of the airline”.

Aeroflot declined to comment on the information about buying shareholder “Siberia” package “Transaero”.

On Monday it was reported that the husband of the former CEO and the co-owner of JSC “AK Transaero” Olga Pleshakov O. Pleshakova as at 30 September directly owned 46,55% stake in the company. Earlier its share was 18,23%, together the couple owned Pleshakova of 36.2%. The Chairman of the Interstate aviation Committee Tatiana Antinoi (A. Pleshakov – her son) was 3%, now actions “Transaero” she doesn’t know. If to take into account indirect ownership through quasiconcave shares (the structures of “Transaero” company “Transaero-the Finance” and Jeimbo Cyprus Limited respectively owns 13,01% and 0.31% of the carrier), the beneficial Pleshakov’s share exceeds 50%.

The family Pleskovich was ready to transfer his shares of Transaero airlines to a consortium of banks in the framework of implementation of the proposals made earlier by the Bank, IFC. The Bank, whose largest shareholder is Mikhail Prokhorov, offered not bankrupt “Transaero”, and pass it to the management of banks-creditors.