Medvedev: the budget for 2016 and capabilities are balanced, but the nuances remain

Medvedev: the budget for 2016 and capabilities are balanced, but the nuances remain

The budget for 2016 turned out to be adequate to the current economic situation, that is quite hard, said the Prime Minister. According to him, in the document there are questions which still could be discussed.

HILL, 21 Oct. The main fork on the budget for 2016 is completed, the document is balanced as far as possible, however there are still some nuances for further discussion, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

“The main fork on the budget are passed, decisions taken in General, including, frankly, and taking into account the views of the expert community, although perhaps not all, as it usually happens in life. The end of the week the budget bill will go to the State Duma. The budget, quite tough, but it quite adequately the current economic situation”, — said Medvedev at a meeting with members of the Expert Council under the government on the current economic situation in the Russian Federation.

According to him, the draft budget includes current estimates of the basic parameters of development of economy of the Russian Federation. “Overall it’s balanced, but there are of course some nuances, which now could be discussed”, — said the Prime Minister.

For 2016 due to high volatility in financial and commodity markets of the Russian budgetary policy was adjusted, a corresponding law was adopted and signed by the President. According to the document, the budget will be annual instead of the standard three-year period. In addition, suspends the application of the budget rule requirements to identify common spending limit of the budget for the next financial year and planning period.