Mitrokhin: Yabloko will not require with Navalny 1 million rubles, only a refutation of

MOSCOW, October 21. The party “Yabloko” decided not to charge the leader of the deprived registration of the “Party of progress” Alexei Navalny 1 million rubles for his remarks about the campaign in the Kostroma region and will insist only on the retraction. This was announced by the Chairman of the “Yabloko” Sergei Mitrokhin.

“Kostroma branch of “Yabloko” decided to spare Bulk and not to demand from him 1 million rubles, but only a refutation”, – said the politician. “He’s a poor, complaining of a lack of income, that and regretted it,” explained the leader “the Apple” the decision of his colleagues. However, he stressed, “that lies should still be refuted”.

Lublin court of Moscow on October 21 will consider on the merits the claim of the party Yabloko Alexei Bulk.

Kostroma branch of “Yabloko” has addressed in court with the claim about protection of honor and dignity in connection with the statement of the leader of the deprived registration of the “Party of progress” about Navalny’s election campaign in the Kostroma region. The plaintiffs through the court demanded that the Bulk of the refutation, and the recovery of 1 million rubles for the words posted in the blog, that “local “Apple” bought the local oligarch who had just emerged from the “United Russia”.

In the “Apple” note that the statement of claim attached expert opinion of the Institute of linguistic studies, RAS that this statement is negative.

In the party argue that the Bulk of his statement was referring to the leader of the list “the Apple” on elections in legislative Assembly of the Kostroma region, Vladimir Mikhailov. “But Mikhailov is not an oligarch, but from the “United Russia” was published four years ago”, – stressed in the “Apple”.