Novak: Russian Railways signed a Memorandum of electrification railway line in Iran

Novak: Russian Railways signed a Memorandum of electrification railway line in Iran

Russia and Iran quite closely to the power lines and Railways, said Minister of energy Alexander Novak.

TEHRAN, 21 Oct. Russia and Iran signed a Memorandum of electrification railway line in Iran, told journalists energy Minister Alexander Novak.

“The most developed (projects for cooperation Russia and Iran — ed.) are now the issues of cooperation in the field of electricity and issues concerning the development of railway transport. I know it recently signed a Memorandum on the electrification of one of the railway lines. In my opinion, these three considered a total project cost of about 4.5 billion dollars,” said Nowak, who is on an official visit in Iran.

Russian Railways in October 2012 completed the first project in Iran, which has been electrified line Tabriz-Azarshahr length of about 46 kilometers and five stations. Following the meeting, the Iranian-Russian Commission for trade and economic cooperation in September 2014, it was reported that the contracts of Russian Railways and railway electrification in Iran may be about 8.4 billion euros and tap 5,6 thousand km of Railways.

As said Novak, during his visit to Iran, the sides discussed cooperation between the two countries in various sectors of the economy. “For two years was done, even before the lifting of sanctions we have agreed a list of joint projects for the sum to 40 billion dollars. Not only the already signed agreements, but also new will be the basis to move on to real projects for real business,” said Novak.

“Have been extensively worked on projects relating to the modernization and construction of power plants and participation of the Russian company “Tekhnopromexport” together with the Iranian company. Here, too, about 4 thousand MW of capacity. The joint project could be more than $ 5 billion. I hope that in these days, according to the results of the intergovernmental Commission will be signed specific documents”, — said the Russian Minister.

Representative of Railways informed that the company was negotiating an extension of the portfolio of infrastructure projects abroad, in particular in Iran. One of the priority joint projects to date is the electrification of the line Garmsar-Gorgan-Inceburun length of 495 kilometers. Russian Railways and Iranian Railways in July 2014 signed a Memorandum of understanding for this project. Now the parties are implementing a complex of measures for signing of the contract for its implementation.