ROCIT: four of the complaints to the users account for online shopping

MOSCOW, October 21. On the Internet shops are complaining more than 25% of Russian Internet users who have called on “hot line Runet” Regional public center of Internet technologies (ROCIT). This was announced by the Chairman of the Board of the center Leonid Levin in anticipation of the 2015 RIW.

“Over the past six months over 25% of complaints were problems with Internet stores, equivalent to 20% of online fraud and complaints about the quality of services, about 10% on the other problems with online services,” said Levin. Section “complaints book” on the “hot line Runet” was launched in April 2015. The main task of ROCIT, according to Levin, to establish communication between users and services of the Runet. If the service “hears” the client, then ROCIT connects relevant state agencies, said the head of the center. In the case of a stream of similar complaints, the staff of “hot line” contact with the service provider and in the course of identifying the issues, the elimination of not only individual problems but also a number of similar flaws, he explained.

An example of fraud was the massive withdrawal of money from mobile or Internet accounts. “The user was not even aware that he had something signed up for different conditions. Or when a free service suddenly became paid, and the user forgot to disable services,” said Levin. ROCIT has concluded agreements on cooperation with three largest mobile operators for such cases.