Sands: reports of alleged deaths of Russians in Syria had no source and was refuted

MOSCOW, October 21. Revealed Tuesday in the Western media reports about alleged death of Russian soldiers in Syria had no particular source and has already been refuted. This was brought to the attention of the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, answering an appropriate question.

A Kremlin spokesman said would not comment on this topic. “As far as I know, it was refuted, and most importantly, that these messages had no particular source”, – said Peskov.

On Tuesday, the defense Ministry has denied the death of Russian servicemen in Syria. “In connection with messages appearing in foreign media about the alleged deaths in Syria, the Russian military claimed no losses among the servicemen of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Syria – no”, – have informed in Management a press-services and information of the Russian defense Ministry.

Earlier the Russian Embassy in Damascus has also denied media reports that Syria had allegedly killed three soldiers of the Russian Federation. “No information about the alleged “death of three Russians” or “three Russian soldiers” in Syria, as reported by Reuters, do not have. It’s very much like regular stuffing information, said the Embassy. – Moreover, the source of these data London has become the centre of observation of human rights, which in turn refers to some “own sources”.