The CEC in February will hold a national review of gas “Vybory”

The CEC in February will hold a national review of gas “Vybory”

Nationwide audit of state automated system “Elections” will be held for the first time. It will be held in the framework of preparation for the parliamentary elections in 2016.

YALTA, 21 Oct. The Central election Commission of the Russian Federation will hold in February, the first nationwide test of the readiness of state automated system “Elections” parliamentary elections in 2016, said the CEC head Vladimir Churov.

The Duma elections scheduled to be held in 2016 on the third Sunday of September, in uniform day of voting.

“First national training will be held in February 2016,” said the supervisor at the all-Russian meeting with the chairmen of election commissions of subjects of the Russian Federation.

He appealed to heads of regional electoral commissions with a request to submit to the CEC all suggestions and complaints on account of the gas “Vybory”.

The system allows to solve tasks of organization of the electoral process at all stages. It contains the registration of voters, information on candidates, voting, and tabulation.