The dollar rose above 63 rubles

Moscow. October 21. Dollar for the first time in a week rose above 63 rubles amid falling world oil prices. The dollar is at 15:30 Moscow time has risen to 63,04 rubles/$1, 92,5 adding a penny to the previous closing exchange rate of the Euro at that point was 71,52 rubles/EUR1, which is 1.03 ruble above the previous close.

The decline of the ruble contributed to the decline in oil prices: the index futures for Brent crude retreated on London’s ICE Futures exchange to about 1%, to us $48.2 per barrel, experts say.

Oil prices reference marks in the environment are falling on expectations of growth of stocks of fuel in the United States. According to analysts, the oil reserves in the U.S. last week rose to 3.75 million barrels. If the forecast is met, the increase in reserves will be recorded at the end of the fourth week in a row, something that had not happened since April.