The head of VEB: Russian companies are interested in working with Bahrain

The head of VEB: Russian companies are interested in working with Bahrain

The head of VEB Vladimir Dmitriev said that the political relations between Russia and Bahrain are on the rise. He also said that Russian business has felt the interest in Bahrain.

MOSCOW, 21 Oct. Company Russian agro-industrial sector interested in supply Bahrain livestock products, grain and other goods, said the head of VEB Vladimir Dmitriev, following the meeting of the Russian-Bahraini business Council.

“If we talk about political relations (Russia and Bahrain — ed.) then they certainly are on the rise, our leaders meet regularly,” said Dmitriev journalists.

According to him, the political dialogue is of a confidential nature, “and hence the right signal to business”. “As co-chair of Russian-Bahrain business Council, I can state that over the past few years, we have been very successful from the point of view of investments into the Russian economy… it is Important that Russian businesses have felt the interest in Bahrain,” he said.

“And our companies, mostly of medium businesses, it is encouraging that, of the areas of high technology and software, and the system ensure the functioning of large installations of systems related to supercomputers — all of this is actively implemented (the Russian businessmen — ed.) in the economy of Bahrain”, — said the head of VEB.

According to him, Bahrain “a good perspective from the point of view of food security”. “I became a witness of the contacts of our companies from the agro-industrial complex, who are willing to put animal products in Bahrain, this grain is a number of other agricultural and food products,” — said the head of state Corporation.

Russia and Bahrain also great potential in medicine, Dmitriev added. “With modern medicine, and it is not only the supply of equipment, the work of our doctors, but it and joint development”, — said the head of VEB.

The meeting and plans of the business Council

Meeting of the business Council of two countries was held in Sochi and was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic related Russia and Bahrain, according to a press release from the Bank. The meeting was attended by more than 30 top managers and representatives of banks and companies, including high-tech industries of Russia and Bahrain.

The priority direction of further work of the business Council, according to Dmitrieva, which is contained in the press release, “should be changing the style of interaction with the Bahrain partners and translations produced in recent years capacity in the practical level, assistance in the conclusion of concrete deals”.

During the meeting the Russian side put forward the initiative to develop a plan for regular and purposeful contacts within the business Council and in the broader format with leading banks, funds and industry companies of Bahrain, those who are interested in Russian exports, but also investments and joint financing of the Russian projects.

“At present, VEB is considering the possibility of cooperation with the Bahraini financial institutions and funds in the areas of project and debt financing; conducts consultations with Bahraini banks on the use of “Islamic Finance”- stated in the message.

The head of VEB’s Dmitriyev on Tuesday noted that Russia is discussing with Bahrain the projects in the field of Islamic banking. Thus, according to him, while not talking about the special financial institution existed in Russia. The Ambassador of Bahrain in Russia Ahmad al-Saati earlier Tuesday, it was reported that Bahrain offers Russia jointly with concerned Arab countries to create a Bank operating according to Islamic principles.