The Kaliningrad amber factory has increased prices six times

Moscow. October 21. JSC “Kaliningrad amber factory” (I), the monopolist in the field of industrial mining of amber in Russia, increased selling prices of the amber raw six times, said the Chairman of the regional “Amber Union”, Vasiliy Simonov.

“Before the plant has published a new price list for release the amber-raw, raised them 6 times. If previously one of the most popular factions cost 22 thousand rubles per 1 kg, now it is 138 thousand. The entire amber weighing from 50 grams will be sold via auction, where the cost will rise more significantly,” – said Simonov.

According to him, the local processors of amber from such solutions “are in shock”. Now amber on the cost more in line with precious stones, many processors buy it at the works becomes impossible due to the high cost.

“We are going to discuss the situation at an extraordinary meeting of the “Amber Union”. The vast majority of processors of a mineral will be “killed” by this decision. Will not save even illegal getters of amber that with the new energy will begin to unearth coast region”, – said Simonov.

As have informed in a press-service’S official comment on the new prices will be prepared later.

Earlier works reported that based on the outcome of the first auction for the sale of amber, which took place October 5, will be the development of methods of pricing on the amber products and procedure of formation of list prices. They will determine the market price of the amber raw materials.

At the auction, with a total starting price of lots in 25 million roubles was sold to amber in excess of 100 million rubles.

On the coast of the Kaliningrad region near the village of Amber is concentrated 95% of the world reserves of amber.

JSC “Kaliningrad amber factory” on 100% belongs to state Corporation “rostec”. The plant by the end of 2014 has mined 250 tons of raw amber. Also, what’S owns a license for development of Malyshevsky Deposit of emeralds, which is the largest in Eurasia and has the status of deposits of Federal significance. The designed capacity – 400 thousand tons of ore per year.