The Ministry of transport: passengers with tickets Transaero to October 26 will be less than 100 thousand people

MOSCOW, October 21. Passengers “Transaero” will be less than 100 thousand people by the time of revocation of operator’s certificate on October 26. This was stated by Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov on the TV channel “Russia 24”.

“Today, passengers of “Transaero” a little less than 150 thousand By October 26, they will be less than 100 thousand”, – said the Minister.

About the pool the creditors of the airline

Pool of creditors “Transaero” has 150-160 legal entities and individuals, he said.

The fate of the airline “Transaero” is only in the hands of its creditors.

What will change for passengers after certificate revocation

According to Sokolov, the passengers of “Transaero” nothing is changing in connection with the withdrawal of the air operator certificate.

All Transaero passengers who planned the flights until 15 December, will be delivered, guaranteed Sokolov.
“All passengers holding tickets until 15 December inclusive, will be transported in appropriate directions. Those who bought tickets with a return date after December 15, the money will be returned – either with the airline or through the company “Aeroflot”, – said the Minister in an interview with TV channel “Russia 24”.

On leasing “Transaero”

Conditions of leasing of aircrafts “Transaero” does not correspond to the current situation on the market, said the head of Ministry of transport.
“The conditions of leasing, with whom we were acquainted, of course, do not correspond to today’s situation,” he said.
According to him, part of the Park “Transaero” consists of wide-body aircraft. “Today, with the decrease in the volume of international air travel these jets will be demanded by the market”, – said the Minister.

The Minister also announced that soon a decision will be made, who is active on the Russian market of companies and on what terms will be able to continue to operate these aircraft. According to him, are considered, including, and foreign leasing companies.

“Aeroflot” may close more routes “Transaero”, but not all of the 100 areas.

The Ministry expects that the share of Aeroflot on the market will be kept at the level not more than 50%.

Part of the Transaero aircraft can take foreign airlines.