Vice-speaker of the state Duma Vasiliev: anti-crisis plan of the Cabinet needs to be complemented by many items

MOSCOW, October 21. The anti-crisis plan of the Cabinet should be added to many points, the leader of the faction “United Russia”, Deputy Duma speaker Vladimir Vasiliev.

“Igor Ivanovich, bringing the anti-crisis program, you talked about the fact that it is a living mechanism”, – said the MP, referring to the main speaker, first Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Igor Shuvalov. “I think the discussion today showed you how much I still did not get there, and what you need to do,” he said.

At the same time, the head of the faction confirmed that the anti-crisis programme “is operational”. “We now say that’s not how this works, but it works, we see the result,” he said.

Vasiliev urged the Cabinet to solve a number of specific tasks, including those that were made in last year’s presidential address to the RF Federal Assembly. “Two years in a row, the President in his message confronts us with the problem of the regulatory issues associated with Internet Commerce. And while we have a foreign company just cashing in on the unsettled state of these issues,” he said. Deputy speaker referred to the estimates of the Ministry of Finance, according to which revenues from customs duties levied on Internet Commerce, may be tens of billions annually. “We don’t need the money? After a couple of months will be a new message, and what, are we going to wait for the third to the instructions of the President?” – he asked rhetorically.

The state Duma has considered the report of the government of the Russian Federation for the first six months on the implementation of the plan of priority measures for the sustainable development of economy and social sphere.

The plan of priority measures was approved by government on January 27 this year. Its goal is the sustainable development of economy and social stability during the most unfavourable foreign economic and political conditions.