In EP urged the candidates to put observers in the Duma primaries

MOSCOW, 22 Oct. In “United Russia” urged potential candidates to put their observers in the Duma primaries, which will ensure the openness of the procedure.

Earlier activists of the Supreme and General Council of the EP, chaired by Prime Minister, the Chairman of the party Dmitry Medvedev has approved the draft provisions on the procedure of preliminary voting. According to him, the primaries will be held simultaneously in all regions on a single form. To vote for the candidates will be available to all active citizens, regardless of party affiliation. Candidates who evade the debate, will not be allowed to participate in the Duma primaries in 2016, and in single-mandate districts will not be candidates for even with a small criminal record. In addition, the governing bodies of the party, most likely, will not be nominated, the involvement of independent candidates and candidates from public organizations. The approximate date of the primaries scheduled for may 22.

“Openness implies that all are going to be clear the requirements for participation in the procedure. That at all stages of preparation and holding procedure will be attracted by the media. It is a requirement and we ask all who will to participate, to expose observers to the procedure was transparent,” said Neverov in the entrance of the meeting of the party devoted to the discussion of the draft of the primaries.

According to him, the main principles of preliminary voting will be competitiveness, openness, transparency.

Approval of the project primaries will be held at the party Congress, which, as reported previously Neverov, scheduled for 5-6 February. He said that while the date is being discussed, it will be announced Medvedev.