Poll: Alfa-Bank leader in quality online services for SMEs

Poll: Alfa-Bank leader in quality online services for SMEs

“Alfa-Business mobile” allows you to monitor the status of all their accounts and see all the most important information for business on the first screen, that is, to keep your business under control with your mobile device.

With the advancement of technology and the proliferation of mobile devices for remote banking services are becoming more accessible to users. Simple and understandable services enable you to manage your accounts, loans and cards literally in a single click, not getting up.

The largest Russian banks offer the clients not only the services of Internet banking, but with the additional capability to conduct transactions on the account through a tablet or smartphone that makes life easier and saves time.

However, according to experts, currently on the market of banking services generated a request from aspiring entrepreneurs who are accustomed to using a convenient “remote assistants” for personal purposes, and expect from the services of the same functionality for business use.

According to research by the analytical Agency Markswebb Rank & Report, conducted in may-June of 2015, Russian banks respond to this challenge by developing modern applications and service packages designed to manage business processes.

In examining the functionality of online banking, mobile applications and other online services for clients of small business segment, available in 21 Russian Bank, it was found that 11 credit institutions offer their customers mobile banking service.

And if earlier we were talking exclusively about your services, provide information about the status of the account and the nearest ATM, now entrepreneurs have received a serious payment functionality.

Moreover, in some banks the possibility of making payments to the contractors even without pre-creation of templates in the Internet Bank.

Researchers have estimated the speed, convenience, simplicity and functionality of the proposed facilities, amounting to a rating of the effectiveness of mobile services for Russian banks.

Quickly and with minimal cost

The research results of the Business Internet Banking Rank 2015 prepared by Markswebb Rank & Report, the first place on the quality of online-service start-up entrepreneurs is Alfa-Bank.

“The rating also considers the opportunities and convenience of Bank services (website, Internet Bank, mobile Bank, personal accounts) to solve the most basic problems in banking business service: quickly and with minimal cost and time to open a checking account, to gain access to the management of the settlement account from any device connected to the Internet, make payments and monitor receipt of funds on the account”, — explained the researchers.

Without doubt, the novice businessman important the speed and the possibility to perform banking transactions anywhere, wherever he was.

Alfa-Bank provides an opportunity to manage their accounts from mobile devices — tablets and smartphones using a special app “Alfa-Business mobile”. Thanks to the intuitive interface, the transaction is literally “on the fly”, one touch.

The application that make life easier for new entrepreneurs, is available for both Android and iOs. For service only need a username and password.

Thus, despite the simplicity of the interface “Alfa-Business mobile” has a high degree of safety and functionality.

One click: payments and transfers

Experts Markswebb Rank & Report indicate that the main value of Internet banking and mobile services for entrepreneurs is the ability to quickly and easily make payments to counterparties.

Mobile application Alfa-Bank for tablets gives the business more freedom, allowing any rouble payments without the templates. Fill in the details of the recipient you can not only independently, but also through contractors directory. And for signing payments are one-time SMS-codes.

“Alfa-Business mobile” for smartphones adds mobile: the entrepreneur in three clicks can repeat any previously executed payments to any counterparty by changing the amount and purpose of payment, or be used to make payments templates, signed in the Internet Bank.

Service capabilities for smartphones and tablets also include the unloading of executed payment orders in the PDF with the stamp of the Bank and submit the account details of contractors via e-mail.

The application allows you to operate the system of banking electronic urgent payments (BESP), the main advantage of which is to send payments in real-time.

Business under control

Many aspiring entrepreneurs don’t have helpers and they have to control the business process on their own. To see the full picture on one screen at any time and anywhere is one of the basic needs of business owners.

“Alfa-Business mobile” allows you to monitor the status of all their accounts and see all the most important information for business on the first screen, make transfers and track their status, obtain statements, analyze costs, look for operations on TIN or account number to make the budget and tax payments — that is, to keep your business under control with your mobile device.

“Keep abreast” without going to the Internet Bank, allow instant PUSH notifications about account movements — to set up this feature, you need only confirm their desire to receive such communications when you first load the mobile application.

And significantly reduce time spent on paperwork allows the possibility of signing established accountant fees second signature. In this case, the entrepreneur pays all of the routine tasks to the specialist in outsourcing, but leaves the control over financial flows.

Personal approach

Speaking about the trends of online banking service for small business in 2015, the researchers noted the desire of banks to simplify the process of opening Bank accounts through online services.

For example, a request for opening the account in Alfa Bank it is possible to send out a demo version of “Alfa-Business mobile”. The Manager of the credit institution itself will come to the office to sign documents.

In this case, the entrepreneur to the Bank to go will be required. And in 2-3 days the business owner can go to the mobile app, to send to all counterparties, the details of his new account.

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