Putin hopes that the new leadership of Argentina will continue the policy of developing ties with Russia

MOSCOW, October 21. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin hopes that the new leadership of Argentina will continue to develop and strengthen bilateral relations.

“On 25 October in Argentina will be held the next presidential and parliamentary elections. I hope that the new Argentine government will continue the course you have taken to strengthen a multidimensional partnership”, – said Vladimir Putin during the meeting with President of Argentina Cristina Kirchner through a video conference.

The head of state noted that the two countries closely cooperate on the grounds of the UN and the group of twenty.

“Our countries are consistently defend basic principles of international law. It is primarily the respect for national sovereignty, non-interference in internal Affairs, rejection of terrorism and extremism, double standards and the policy of sanctions”, – said the President of the Russian Federation.

Relations between Moscow and Buenos Aires – an example for the world

In turn, Cristina Kirchner also reiterated Argentina’s position that diplomatic relations could not be double standards. “These relationships and partnerships that we have established between Argentina and Russia, it is a model – example for the whole world. A world that still was divided and had to choose whether or not to support the power of the country or die,” said the President of Argentina.

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The country, according to her, must be sovereign and to choose their political model, “not accepting the conditions of other countries.” “If we achieve that it was worldwide, I’m sure that the XXI century will be much better than what we lived in the twentieth century,” she said.

She expressed confidence that the winner of the presidential elections in Argentina will further strengthen integration with Russia. “As planned, and I’m sure the Argentines will go this route because there are results,” she said.

On the prospects of bilateral cooperation of Russia and Argentina in the field of agriculture

The Russian President also noted the prospects of bilateral cooperation between Russia and Argentina in the field of agriculture.

“Thanks to increasing shipments of agricultural products from Argentina to Russia, and these supplies are growing, the volumes are growing, in the first half of this year Russia imported from Argentina about 2.5 thousand tons of beef,” – said Putin, talking with President of Argentina Cristina Kirchner via teleconference.

Thanks to bilateral cooperation, he added, “and in Russia we also have the opportunity to enjoy using Argentine products”.

During the conversation, Kirchner noticed that in Argentina it’s the afternoon in Moscow the evening, adding that even he hadn’t had lunch. “I guess I won’t have such a delicious lunch that you gave me when I was in the Kremlin, which we still remember,” he said with a smile the President of the country.

She stressed that this lunch was an indicator of friendship, respect and the fact that Argentina is important for Russia.