Putin: the automakers must use the current exchange rate of the ruble

KRASNAYA POLYANA (Sochi), 22 Oct. Russian automakers are required to use the competitive advantages they have due to the current economic situation, says the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

“It’s not in crisis, and the difference in exchange rates — national currency, foreign currencies against the ruble. This is an absolute competitive advantage, which, of course, our producers have to use, including not only develop its own market, but also to promote to external”, — he told journalists.

“We’re with Mr. Andersen (CEO of “AVTOVAZ” BU Andersson — ed) said they expect sales in those regions and countries where “Fret” you know: in Eastern Europe, in some countries of the Middle East, in Latin America,” continued the Russian leader.

He expressed confidence in good prospects of the new model of “AVTOVAZ” in foreign markets.

“The ratio of price and quality, I think there is an absolute global competitive advantage. Quality, I am convinced, on the level of world standards”, — said Putin. He said that 70% of all components of the new “Lada” of domestic production.

“70% localization in Russia — this is a very good indicator,” he said.

The Russian leader also wished good luck to the workers of “AVTOVAZ” and expressed confidence that the engineers of the car company can rightfully feel a sense of pride in a new product.

“Motorists of Russia congratulations on the new car,” added Putin.