Putin: U.S. missile defense threatens nuclear potential of Russia, it changes the philosophy of world security

SOCHI, October 22. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin stated that the missile defense system the U.S. threaten nuclear potential of Russia, it changes the philosophy of world security.

“This (the creation of the US ABM system) does not create a threat to us? Of course, creates! he said at the meeting of the discussion club “Valdai”. And changing the philosophy of international security”.

“If one country believes that it has created a missile “umbrella” and can protect themselves from retaliatory or launch under attack, then her hands are untied in the use of any weapons, he stressed. – This is a violation of the strategic balance.”

The head of state responded to at the meeting, saying that the need for the development of a missile defense system allows us to create new jobs in the United States. “No need to create jobs that result from their activities are a threat to the security of all humankind. Why you should build them in this area? Let’s create them in the field of biology, pharmaceuticals, high technology not related to arms production”, – Putin suggested.

He expressed confidence that American specialists are well aware that the missile defense system threatens Russia’s nuclear potentials. “This entire system is created in order to reduce the nuclear potentials of other States, except the United States, to zero,” – said the head of state.

He reiterated that earlier deployment of the missile defense argument was about the alleged presence of nuclear weapons in Iran. However, it became clear that this threat no, but the development of the missile defense system continues, he continued. “Not only has not stopped, on the contrary – are new tests, exercises conducted. Before the end of this year in Romania will be created in these systems by 2020 or by 2018 will be created by these systems in Poland. Position area for missiles can be used effectively to put the shock complexes of cruise missiles”, – noted Putin.