Russia wants to abolish visas for citizens of Vanuatu

MOSCOW, October 22. Russia is going to sign an agreement with the Republic of Vanuatu on the mutual abolition of visas.

Government order published on an official portal of legal information of the Russian foreign Ministry instructed to negotiate with fanatskoy party and to sign the corresponding agreement.

It is planned that the visa-Russia and Vanuatu will be able to visit the citizens of the two countries, “not having the intention to work, study or live”. The term of each such stay may not exceed 90 days.

Vanuatu – Pacific nation in Melanesia, located on 83 Islands. The population is about 250 thousand people. In 1906 the Islands became a condominium of great Britain and France under the name “New Hebrides”, and in 1980 became independent under the name “Republic of Vanuatu”.